In diversity lies strength, they say. Anchal and Rahul, founders of The Design Avenue (TDA) proves – in diversity and passion lies success. Anchal Saraf is a Product Designer and a CA bringing her creative and financial side to the table, while Rahul Devnani, with his International MBA, has a strong foundation in marketing. Together, they are not only business partners making compelling leaders but have also leaped towards being a power couple.

Happy Faces At The Design Avenue

Anchal and Rahul are non-believers of the number game, for them, it’s deceiving, and well, rightly so. Initiated as the ‘Shehnai Exhibition’, they were limited to wedding shopping and soon decided to add grandeur to their shows by naming it ‘The Design Avenue’ and included wedding, contemporary, and lifestyle shopping, all under one show. With 3 years in the industry and the power of 7 events, TDA has successfully created a lasting impression on its participants and attendees.

TDA’s vision is to be more than an exhibition and with an engaging, in show strategy, they prove otherwise. Anchal shares, “We as organisers, make sure to provide them (our participants) with the maximum exposure of the city for which we have certain supportive activities like fashion walk arrangements (for On-show promotions), TDA’s insider team guiding the crowd towards fashion shows, collaborations and our show partners. So, with these parallel activities going on, one can see TDA as a platform that is into something more than just a usual exhibition.”

TDA’s long-term goal is in alignment with what they already excel in – handpicked curation. Rahul and Anchal have clear goals, and in their words, “We aim to increase the level of our show with each passing year in a bigger space, with elite brands and well-curated designers. We do not wish to increase the number of our exhibitors, but strive to give our walk-ins the best in each category”

Amid CoVid19 crises, Anchal and Rahul are positive and trust that in a market this, both designers and consumers fight back, and they shall this time too.

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