“We rise by lifting others” for some this may be a quote, but for Mrs. Seema Jain, the founder of Crescent Moon, it is a way of life. A leader by nature, Mrs. Jain started her journey by heading a women’s welfare association in South Mumbai, and later augmented her passion for events and empowering women by announcing the birth of Crescent Moon. While framing her idea to words, she said, “Crescent Moon started in 2007 with a vision to empower upcoming women entrepreneurs and to further promote women who needed a platform to rise in the retail industry.”

Crescent moon sweeps both, its exhibitors and clients of their feet, by surpassing its records with each passing event. Their commitment to uncloak new women entrepreneurs from across India makes them one of the most unique and loved events in Mumbai. In the race to find the right exhibitor, Mrs. Jain has a distinct goal, “Our USP has been to scout for fresh and talented women who need a platform to market their product/ services.”

With 13 years in the industry and 25 events of know-how, Crescent moon is impeccably feeding women entrepreneurs with confidence and encouraging them to endeavour the path they choose to follow. In our attempt to gain insight, Mrs. Jain shares, “We put great value to the investment that the exhibitor is putting in the exhibition. We curate the exhibition with this in mind, which enables us to provide each exhibitor an optimal experience and niche audience.”

The debate between offline and digital marketing has no end, however, in the world of going digital, the impact of physical touch cannot be underrated. Mrs. Jain believes, “Exhibitions are a great way to advertise & promote as you can Create a positive retail customer experience with sensory marketing, by nurturing the emotions of shoppers. The ambiance and physical layout can greatly affect a customer’s perception of the shopping experience.”

Amid CoVid19 crisis, they observe a toll on all businesses at a global level and across all sectors. Small businesses, with aggressive marketing and advertising strategy, shall make it through the tough times. Post the current situation, exhibitions will fast-track economic recovery and deliver the best return of investment.

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