It is not a secret that a dedicated woman can change the world and if you know about Bridal Asia, you already know who I am talking about, none other than, Mrs. Divya Gurwara, the spine of Bridal Asia who with her revolutionary concept, gave the Indian wedding industry a 360-degree spin. Her interest in fashion, luscious taste in jewellery, knowledge in gemology, and captivating personality makes Bridal Asia outshine today. 

Mrs. Divya Gurwara – Founder, Bridal Asia

Challenges are a part of life and are leveled up when you’re trying to change mindsets. The COO of Bridal Asia, Dhruv Gurwara shares, “The concept was to look at something bridal and get designers and jewellers from across the country. It induced in 1997, and in 1999 the first show was launched. First 2 years, we were trying to convince people that something like that would work, and they should participate. Our first show was called ‘Bridal 99’. As we got a great response and had designers from across the world, we then named it ‘Bridal Asia’.”

Bridal Asia – Mumbai

More than 40 exhibitions strong Bridal Asia capitalises on exclusivity and brand value. They maintain a detailed curation process, as Dhruv states, “We go through their collection and personally see the quality of work, and that is the kind of trust our clients have because they know that we’ve done the background check. We maintain a good mix of designers, from high-end designers like Tarun Tahiliani, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Monisha Jaisingh, to very well-known designers like Riddhi Mehra, Anushree Reddy and we try to have a mix of new talent. At the end of the day, conversions matter.”

For an emerging brand in the space of fashion, it can be confusing to choose the right exhibitions, to do so, Dhruv suggests, “The number one way is, word of mouth, you speak to an already participating person or maybe 4-5 participants to get a better idea. Other than that, you have to speak to the brand representative and understand their philosophy and their thinking, and if it matches yours, then I think you can go for it. It’s about having confidence in that person. If it’s a new one, you have to gauge for yourself and see if their values and thought process are in line with yours.

Amid CoVid19 crisis, Dhruv believes that digital is a temporary solution, and eventually, people would want to get out. With limited social gatherings and virtual weddings being the new normal, wedding images will be the talk of the town more than ever before.

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