It takes a creative thinker and a courageous executor to achieve and make it at the top of the table. Mudita Jaipuria, the founder of Warehouse, is a visionary and a doer. She instills her belief solemnly in HARD WORK and that there is no substitute for that.

The idea of Warehouse was outset in 2015 and has accomplished more than 25 events, as she shares, “Warehouse came into being after my trips to Europe. Wherever one traveled in Europe, one would happen to visit these insane outlet malls wherein one could get their hands on a quality merchandise without burning a hole in one’s pocket.”

Warehouse Sale By Mudita, Mumbai

Exhibitions, shows & pop-ups events are a culture that we all love. With 15 years of experience in the industry, she has successfully set a benchmark by making quality merchandise available at the coolest prices.

Curation is queen, and at Warehouse crown needs to be earned. “One needs to be a registered fashion week designer and a registered company. Besides that, I would never exhibit a product or brand that I don’t believe in,” she said.

Consistency is the foundation of trust, and over 5 years of Warehouse and 15 years of being in the industry, she has built that. As she shares, “We have been working with the same people and the same brands. This shows the belief system and the loyalty that Warehouse offers. It’s trust and relationships v/s money.

The future of Warehouse is digital and world domination, to which the journey has already begun. went live on 24th May 2020 and is as peerless as the off-line shows. The aim is to replicate the Warehouse experience with digital tweaks and deliver globally. In her words, she describes, “The idea is to offer the same deals to a larger audience in the comfort and safety of their homes. Each brand is showcased in a carousel format, for example, one gets deals with brand A for 48 hours, and then brand B goes up and brand A goes down, so on and so forth.”

Amid the CoVid19 crisis, Mudita believes we are all in uncharted waters and entrepreneurs are taking each day, one day at a time. That goes to say the current time is for introspection and analysis, and to move forward.

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