“If you never go, you never know.”

Founder – Uzma Poonawalla

Uzma Poonawalla, the founder at Cherry Crush, took the road less traveled. She has been breaking norms with her ideas and her execution. Decoding some of her secrets to success, we begin with where it all started.

As irony has it, staycations sometimes make up for the most successful ideas and Uzma would very well resonate with it, “Cherry Crush thought, was incepted while I was on a  staycation in Miami. I entered a flea market and liked a pair of earrings for 1800 dollars, which at that point I couldn’t afford, and that is when I decided on doing high-end exhibitions in Pune. When I started it, I wanted something that would be easy to remember and would reflect my persona.”

OOT or Digital? We asked, with her lack of belief in advertisements, she had other plans. Uzma set high standards for her exhibitions by curating attractive personal invites and mesmerizing décor. Her uniquely simple idea solved a complex problem – getting the right audience, and exhibitors for all her shows. Her idea worked so well, that she is now celebrating 10 years of Cherry Crush and plans to spread her wings PAN India.

Quality over quantity is a motto many strive to live by, but only a few thrive. Uzma mastered the art of keeping it all in control, and shares the secret of her success, “I ensure my exhibition date is correctly chosen and can get maximum walk-ins. I generally limit to only 50 designers, so most of them have after-sales, and they wait to come back to my show.”

In the times of the CoVid19 crisis, she feels taken aback and is waiting for the industry and the shoppers to step up their games all over again.

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