Founders of Wedding Asia, Mr. & Mrs. Sethi at a show.

Founded by a strikingly attractive woman with a charming personality & a mother of two, Anupreet Sethi, and the master of resilience and perseverance, a prominent name in the fashion event industry, Maninder Sethi; the power couple, has spent 14 years in the industry and are 78 events strong, Wedding Asia has been winning hearts in India and aims to be a global leader in the coming years.

With their USP to ‘Pamper the Bride’ and emotionally investing themselves in the journey pushes them to go the extra mile to fulfill all what the audience needs.

While organisers are struggling to fill up spaces, Wedding Asia has a different look at it, they don’t see it as a challenge, the Sethi’s believe, “The challenge is not to bring the exhibitor on board, the real challenge is to bring the right one. We don’t sell space, we curate the event for our audience ‘The Bride’s & Groom’s to be’. Finding the right things and the right set of exhibitors is the biggest effort”, and we couldn’t agree more, especially, in a country like India, where culture changes every 200km.

Marketing and sales are two different departments and should be dealt with differently. Exhibitions are a marketing platform, while sales are an added value. As Mrs. Anupreet Sethi states, “Wedding Asia is the platform to build a relationship with a filtered target audience. When you are acquainted with your customer, business is bound to happen.”

We see how exhibitions are increasing and footfalls are decreasing. Wedding Asia has a unique solution to the problem and is getting them closer to what personalisation looks like, as Maninder Sethi shares, “We are going selective now. Events should have the right audience, not the crowd or footfall. Wedding Asia is going to be by ‘invitation only’ event.” With over 10,000 clients, it sure is a good idea and is also their way of showing their passion for what they curate.

In the times of CoVid19, Wedding Asia is optimistic and believes, the fear is temporary and the industry to rise and shine stronger than before.

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