“Just Do It” as Nike rightly keeps the world motivated by a phrase, here I am Just Doing It.

We’re soon to be family and before we start bonding, I’m here to say “HELLO”.

Hello, my name is Divya Jain, a Fashion Business Manager and a certified Counselor. I’ve been a part of the fashion industry since 2014 and have been observing the industry ever since then. My forte is fashion, lifestyle, weddings and exhibitions, so if you’re an entrepreneur serving fashion or someone who is inclined towards it, we’re meant to click.

I’ve always been so fascinated by fashion, weddings and exhibitions, for me it’s just a Happy Place and there’s no other way to express it! So much so, that I actually visit all events only to observe them.

Well, obviously, those observations mean a lot more than the feels and that’s exactly why I make it to the space of blogging. After being the most informed person (most of the times) among friends and family, it motivated me to further take up a step and share the knowledge to a larger set of audience who probably don’t have a friend like me, yet.

I never imagined, how what you love becomes what you do but now I guess trusting the journey irrespective of the fall-backs is all it takes.

Surely, easily said than done and it’s definitely worth all the efforts over the feeling of regret to not have tried at all.

Sometimes, looking back is the biggest motivation to move forward.

So here’s me, Divya Jain, looking back – just to move forward !

Journeys , experiences, fall-outs and success stories are always worth sharing. That’s a little about mine, what’s yours?

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